Monday, June 23, 2008

A card to say Thank you

Today, I wanted to create a thank you card. I could very easily have pulled one of my premades purchased from QVC, but I had an idea in mind. However, I just love the ones that look homemade that you buy in kits, can't beat them for the price.

I picked out the base blank card. I found the perfect shade of background cardstock from my DCWV Metallic Stack, I chose a shade of rose. I pulled out my very favorite brads which are the tiny rhinestones. Found my paper flowers stash and chose the three tiny tiny pastel flowers. I punched the 3 holes in the top center of the metallic cardstock. Pinned the flowers to the rose cardstock with the rhinestone brads. I then found a Vellum "Thank you" saying on and added it to the bottom right.

So, I had 3 flowers center high and the "Thank you" on the lower right. Looks good. Got out my favorite double sided tape (Google - Red Line Doublestick tape) and adhered the cardstock carefully to the base card being sure to center it just right. Stepped back and smiled, looked good to me. Went to open the card and then realized, I adhered it upside down on the card!!! duh...

I was able to save the card by carefully, carefully, peeling of the vellum "thank you" saying off the card and turning the card around the right way and placed it in the correct bottom right. Problem was, now I had all this open space on the top above the flowers. Thus, the flight of the butterfly.

I love bling. I buy lots of bling embellishments, they are just so much fun. Let me know what you think. ~*~Trish~*~

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