Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making a Rag Quilt - Part 1 Fabric Squares

There's just something about a heavy flannel blanket to snuggle under for nap time. Rag Quilts make great quilts for gift giving as well. They are usually pretty quick to make but, can take some time based upon the size. In the end, they are so worth it. Most fabrics that I've worked with on my Rag Quilts are flannel. However, I've also completed a rag quilt out of denim and one out of fleece. The denim quilt is in the slideshow to the right.

Normally, I use large blocks 8-9.5 inches in my rag quilts. It cuts down on the all the seam snipping you need to complete and allows me to add a quilt design to each block if I wanted to. This time I'm going with 6" squares. I've had the fabric for a while, it was just in the pile of things to do. This one is using teddy bear and snowflakes and similar solids. I guess I'm complete an early Christmas gift for someone.

Hopefully, I'll be completed by the end of the weekend! Here's the fabrics all cut out. Now it's just time to place the batting squares between all these squares to prepare the for the criss-cross quilting. A couple of my other larger block quilts, I added quilt designs to each block, in my next segment, I'll share a few pictures. But, for now, here's the finished cut blocks.

~*~ Trish ~*~

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