Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quick Tips - Photoshop Elements - Magic Eraser

When you have an object photo (or person photo) that you would like to use in another photo as a layer, most times you will need to remove the background of the photo first. When the background is removed, and it becomes transparent, you can easily layer your photos to create a photo collage.

The quickest and easiest way I have found to remove the background is to use the “magic eraser” within Photoshop Elements. Once selected, just click on the area you want to remove.

You will need to experiment with the available magic eraser settings options.

  • Tolerance - higher tolerance means broader range of similar colors the magic eraser will pick up.
  • Anti-Alias – if checked then the edges erased will be smoother
  • Contiguous - unchecked, it will take all matching colored pixels including the part you want to keep. Checked, it stays within pixels touching the area you touched.
  • All layers – all layers or just the layer that is currently active.
  • Opacity - The higher the opacity, the cleaner the erased area will be.

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