Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Quilt - Final Version

Hello. Well, I got to Pittsburgh Friday night and had to add the binding to the quilt and create the velcro birthday sign and velcro candles for the party on Saturday morning. Of course, I was looking for shortcuts! I forgot of all things my rotary cutter so I had to cut the binding strips with scissors. Thank goodness the inside of binding is not visible.

Once the binding was cut and ironed into shape, I figured I could use seam tape to fuse the binding to the back and save a step. Here's the prep photo where you can kinda see the white tape heat set to the binding. I had hoped that once I wrapped it to the back, I'd fuse it to the back of the quilt. Nope, didn't work. So, I ended up sewing the binding on by machine front and back. Wasn't the greatest, but worked.

Next, I photo printed a sign on a half sheet of fabric paper and then folded the rest of the fabric sheet even with the banner. Sewed up 3 sides and then turned inside up and finished the last side of the printed birthday wishes.

It's hard to see but I added velcro dots to the back of the fabric birthday wishes for Justice and then to the quilt. I'll make another banner for her sister, this way it can be used for both!

Once the birthday banner and candles were adhered to the quilt, a quick press and it was ready for giving. Here's the final result. The only thing I would have changed was my fabric choice for the pedestal layer under the bottom of the cake. The pink is too light.

It was a great party. Here's the birthday girl in her formal photo and then she's enjoying cake!!


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