Thursday, July 17, 2008

Birthday Quilt - Quilting Completed

Hello, well last night I finished the sewing around all the cake pieces to secure the applique. I used the clear mono filament thread. This is great but what a pain to thread the machine with. You can hardly see the thread to thread the machine. I finally gave up and took a perm pen and marked the end of the thread to give me some color to send through the eye of the needle. Worked great.

So, all the pieces are secured now. The circles on top were a bit of a pain but well worth the results. I then took the secure applique quilt top and placed it on the batting and backing. For quilting, I just outlined the cake and layers and then around the inner purple border and corner blocks.

I am not going to add any quilting in the sides or corners in case they want to use it as a signature block and have birthday part attendees sign it. The final touches yet to complete tonight before I leave tomorrow after work are:

  • Place the candles on a velcro system so that they can add candles each year on the top of the cake.

  • Depending on time, possibly add clear pocket in the 4 blue corners to add photos.

  • Create applique numbers in case they want to use those instead of candles.

  • Finally, create and add the binding.

Whew, nothing like a little pressure. No worry, if I don't get it all done, I'll finish the binding on Friday at my sister's in time for the party Saturday.


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  1. So cute and what a neat idea with the candles and numbers!