Sunday, July 27, 2008

Craft Item Review - Quilting, Sewing - Sixth Finger Stiletto

I have so many gadgets and craft items. Things that I love and things that I wish I did not buy but never got around to returning. So, I thought I'd share items for review. I'll try to categorize them so that you can sort by type of craft item reviews using the tags. How do they say... "The expressed opinions are unbiased" just my own opinion. I'll try and find some links to purchase items if available. Again, the links are from what the search engines dish up. I am not affiliated with the stores however most of the times, I've purchased craft items from them before.

This item is called the Sixth Finger Stiletto. Odd name for a neat little tool. This obviously can be used in sewing, quilting, ironing, etc. This stiletto has two prongs which deviates from the standard one prong stiletto. What is nice about this particular stiletto is that one of the prongs is truly a stiletto with a sharp point for whole punching if needed while the other is flat for a sturdy hold on fabric.

The stiletto is made very sturdy and can easily withstand the pressure to hold an item down as you are feeding it through your sewing machine. My favorite item to use it with is binding sewing. It keeps the layers tight so that it gets an even insertion under the sewing area. I've also used this when ironing and you need to get into those tight corners. It has definitely saved me a burn or two.

Primarily though, I love using with the sewing machine to feed in the fabric. The split of the prongs is just right to keep feeding fabric flat as it goes into the sewing area. They are thin enough too that I can place it on the very edge of the feeding fabric and several times, the prongs have gone under the sewing area. Now, obviously you don't want your need to hit the prongs but they can guide the fabric under the sewing area.

My Ratings
  • Would I buy it again. - Yes, most definitely.
  • Do I use it often - Just about every time I sew.
  • Was it worthy the money? - Yes, for about $8 plus, it's a great little tool.
  • Where I can I find it? (Note, links maybe be outdated due to manufacture's web updates) Nancy's Notions, Create for Less, Clotilde

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