Thursday, July 10, 2008

Making a Rag Quilt - Part 5 - Assembling - Slow and steady gets you there.

Each night I've been referring to my design layout from the previous post and assembling my Rag Quilt squares one by one vertically. I'll sew along until I complete 4 rows and then I sew them all the 4 rows together. It's still easier and manageable to fit under the sewing machine.

So far, I have 8 columns completed. The photo to the side is really two parts so far 4 vertical rows each. Only 4 more rows to go and my rag quilt of 12 rows but 12 columns will be done!!

I've decided that I'm going to give it to my sister. Just a surprise for no reason. Besides, she can cut all the fringe on each square and that will save me time.

Here's the layout so far. I'll probably be done this weekend and maybe I'll start on snipping each of the seams to create the fringe.

~*~ Trish ~*~

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