Tuesday, August 5, 2008

14/20 Blocks Completed - Turning Twenty Quilt

Once I started sewing the blocks together yesterday evening... time and progress flew! I now have 14 out of twenty of the blocks completed. I was testing the layout on my living room floor and I am liking what I see.

After all twenty blocks are completed and assembled, I will then place a black border around the outside before I add the random border blocks to the turning twenty quilt. I think you really have to like the black and white fabrics to like this one. I think randomizing the red blocks will be the key.

On a craft room progress note. Someone picked up the extra couch in our basement yesterday from my posting on Freecycle.org ! Yeah!! I have more space downstairs for my craft supplies. You can't really tell anything by the photo below but, the couch used to be in the center of the room in front of the quilt frame.

P.s. the big lighter colored block on the wall is covering my husband's deer. It has to go... so, if I can't talk him out of moving it to the garage :-) then it's time to start hiding it in photos and then hanging quilting supplies on it!.

Have a great day!


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  1. I have wanted to try a turning 20 but my organized, must be logical, cannot handle random mind just will NOT let me do one. I even have at least 2 set of 20 that would be so cool. I LOVE your idea of the grocery sacks-I think it might be what I need to be able to do one. The room looks good-I am so jealous!