Friday, August 15, 2008

All together now - Turning Twenty Quilt Center

Hello, long time no post. It's funny how everyday things get into the way of one's crafting and posting. It's been a long and expensive week in our house. Work days have gone into the early evenings and haven't left much time for crafting this week. I did manage to take the day off today. We were planning on going to Lancaster this weekend to visit the outlets and maybe a quilt shop or two. However, last night while watching the big screen TV, the lamp went out. Ugh... they can be a couple hundred dollars.

Before that, we had to purchase a heat pump with air. Our heat portion went out and we previously scheduled to have it done this weekend, tomorrow to be exact. Oh the fabrics and crafts i could have bought with that money...

I did however manager to finally sew together my squared up'd blocks from the turning twenty quilt. Again, I started trying to figure out which block looked best with another and just gave up. Whatever ended up beside each other stayed as long as the fabric didn't match the block above or beside it. I'm happy with the color layout as well.

Next stop, I want to place a 1.5" black border around this center before moving onto the various patches border that matches this center. Tomorrow I'll probably be kicked out of the house with the furnace guys in here. Maybe Sunday I can work on it.

Hope you have a great weekend!!


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