Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Christmas Tree, Hallways and Sunsets

Christmas Tree Wall hanging

I'm making progress on the Christmas tree wall hanging. However, now that I'm back to the work week, progress will slow. I've finished the red/red squares from the half square triangles, I've finished the red/green half square triangles. Now I have 40 red/white to finish.

Quick Tip - Measuring Quilt Backing

Now, what do hallways have to do with crafting. Well, I was getting two quilt tops ready to send away for quilting and I was driving myself crazy with the measurements. You know, an extra 8 inches long/wide.

I decided to roll out the backing fabric in the hallway to measure and I placed two layers on top of each other. Then I just placed the quilt top on top of the backing fabric and measured sixteen inches from the end of the top longer and then cut a semi-straight line. Wow, so much easier. Then I just squared up the backing pieces and then on to the piecing together and trimming width and I'm done. I always knew there was a better use of the hallway space :-)


As far as sunsets, we had a beautiful one last night. It was so pink/purple. I was trying to capture the colors with the digital camera to use with some kaleidoscope software I have. It will also be nice to place on my computer monitor as a background. For our area, this is a great sunset but I've also seen some beautiful ones on other blogs.

Talk to you later


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