Thursday, August 21, 2008

Craft Item Review - The FoldAway Cutting/Pressing Mat

Since I'm in between projects, I thought I would review one of my favorite craft items. You know, do my own "Trish's Favorite Things" from time to time like some famous talk show host out there. Only, I won't be giving them away for free to everyone like she does, sorry...

This item is called the The FoldAway by Dritz. It includes a 12" x 18" gridded mat with markings and a 12" x 18" pressing surface on the other side. It has a the Velcro tab to keep the FoldAway folded shut and there are handles for easy carrying. They say it's great for class and travel but I use them elsewhere most of the time. It comes in many different sizes.

What I like to use it for is spending time with hubby and working on my crafts at the same time. When I feel I'm spending too much time in the sewing room away from hubby, I whip out the foldaway and take it into the living room to cut or press items I'm currently working on or prep something for the next project. It fits perfectly on top of one of those wood TV trays. Then, I can do my crafts and watch TV with him at the same time!!
My Ratings
  • Would I buy it again. - Yes, most definitely several times
  • Do I use it often - At least once a week.
  • Was it worthy the money? - Yes, especially because I get mine at Michael's whenever they have their 40 or 50% coupon.
  • Where I can I find it? (Note, links maybe be outdated due to manufacturer's web updates) Michael's Stores, Connecting Threads, Create for Less, Clotilde
  • Special Notes - There are many sizes available.

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