Saturday, August 2, 2008

Don't Over Analyze - Randomize on Turning Twenty Quilts

Yesterday, I finished cutting all of the twenty black/white and red fat quarters for the turning twenty quilt. This morning, I started looking at all the blocks and trying to analyze which pieces look good with other pieces.
I finally realized, enough is enough. I took the three different pieces of the blocks and separated them into 3 different grocery bags. All twenty different fat quarter matching pieces went into each of the 3 bags. Then I just reached in and whatever I picked up as the piece is what is going on the block.

I then folded the 3 randomly picked pieces back up into a self-contained packet and pinned it. This way, when I have a few minutes here and there to sew, I can pick a packet and sew a block. Each block completed is progress towards completing the unfinished object (UFO).

When I was randomly picking pieces, I saw that some blocks might need revisited and squared up. If I saw a block like that, I placed a marker on that packet. The whole process went rather quickly and now sewing the blocks together will too. The upcoming work week will be long with some big projects so this will help me to even sew one or two blocks a night.

Here's the final view of all the randomized pinned packets. Back in the bag for the next steps. I know it might sound like a lot of prep work but when I do complete things like this, it's so much easier to return and pickup where I left off. Case in point, when I opened the box, it had the block sizes printed on the lid I needed to cut.


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