Sunday, August 24, 2008

Half Square Triangles and These little piggies

You know, sometimes when you follow a pattern, you follow the hard way. I was cutting all the fabric for the Christmas Tree and it said to cut them all into half square triangles. I did. Let me tell you, that's a lot of half square triangles. I should have just cut larger squares and then sewn the diagonals to create the triangle squares. O-well. I have a lot of sewing ahead of me. The goal is at least 40 squares a day :-)

Repeat after me, sew-press-square up-snip corners-repeat, sew-press-square up-snip corners-repeat now say that about 120+ times. Ah but when it's done, and all the seams and corners are forced to align, it will be worth it.

These Little Piggies

The larger the caterpillars get, the more they eat the more they mess. We go to bed at night and wake up and look how much they eat. We try to change out the leaves and mess. When I show you the leaves in the container, I clone out the mess using Photoshop Express clone brush from an area of napkin that doesn't have a mess. In the second photo below, the pillars (as I like to call them) are mostly hiding on the underside of the leaves.

At the same time as we started the interest in our own butterflies, we received a butterfly kit gift that came with caterpillars already in it. It came with it's own special food, you just watch them eat and triple their size. I think this is a great learning experience for kids. Well, here's our pillars from there. They are starting the chrysalis stage. They got them from the InsectLore site.

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