Friday, August 22, 2008

Next Project - Christmas Tree Quilt & Raising Butterflies

I have several several patterns that I have been collecting and thinking, someday I want to make that. O wait, I want to make that... and so on and so on Come on, you know you all have them too. I swear, I must have the full lazy girls purse patterns catalogs but haven't made a purse yet. Next on my list, I swear.

Anyhow, I've decided this Christmas tree will be my next project. I can just see the "bling" I'll be placing on it :-) I know I already have red sparkly fabric for the flowers. The Green, gotta go stash hunting. The outside border on this one I'm not a huge fan of. There's just something about sawtooths that I'm not crazy about. I'll have to think about how I want to border it then.


Raising Butterflies

Now, Raising Butterflies... Somewhat of a stretch to be considered a craft but very interesting. Hubby and I received a milkweed plant recently and the person that gave it to us was explaining how butterflies love this plant and that they will sometimes lay eggs on it. Long story short, we purchased two more milkweed plants, did our research online, placed the plants outside and low and behold, butterfly eggs.. (well, caterpillar then butterfly but you know the process). So, I thought I would share the process here in snippets. Here's the flower from the swamp milkweed plant

Here on the left are the white dot eggs we have. We had 5 eggs about 5 days ago. Look carefully, they are there.

Here on the right are the teeny tiny caterpillars that hatched that will eat and make messes as they grow grow grow.

That's all for now... They are easily lost on the paper towel but then reappear after they have been gorging on the leaf from the underside.


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