Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Organization and the Little Guys

You know, I swear... sometimes organization is overrated. So, as I am working on these small triangles and making all the necessary squares for the Christmas Tree Wall Hanging, I was also looking for my favorite stiletto. The one reviewed previously with two prongs. I could not find that little guy anywhere.

I searched high and low and it was no where to be found. Then, when you leave my sewing room, I have this new organizational basket that I got from QVC when I place my rotary cutters and odds and ends. I searched this before... several times... OK, I'll look one last time, take everything out. Finally, there it was. In one little compartment hiding behind the scissors. I think I should go back to my messy chaos, then I could find the things I needed :-) By the way, these are good for little odds and ends but things like to hide in the basket. You can also get similar ones from Wal-mart around $15

Little Guys update
To date we have 5 chrysalis or cocoons, 3 growing caterpillars eating us out of house and home and 3 eggs about to hatch. It's practically becoming a butterfly farm. I think the project is almost done because the milkweed plant is starting to die. You can see the fresh leaves we are getting off of it are starting to be more of a brownish color. Well, we have about a week before the butterflies emerge. Then, we'll release them. Here's a photo of the caterpillars and how much they have grown. They are climbing the sides of the container now.


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