Friday, August 1, 2008

Turning Twenty Quilt - back for more

Well the craft room downstairs is progressing very slowly. Now, instead of the Quilt frame and HQ16 in the middle of the room, I have a very large (ugly I might add) sleeper sofa in the middle of the room. I just need to take some photos of the couch and post it on I'm sure someone can use it.

Since I moved a few things downstairs like my cutting table, I've been going through my craft drawers upstairs. I found this box (I love self closing boxes, great for storage) with the words "current project" on it. That's funny, I don't remember this. I opened it up and to my surprise it was a turning twenty quilt in progress.

That's right, now I remember. I loved this concept. I had a bunch of black and white fat quarters in wild patterns so I figured I would create this turning twenty pattern. Well, time to pull this UFO into the active pile again and bring it back to life. I remember that I really disliked cutting out the fat quarters. Some fat quarters are not cut the same and the block sizes needed out of the fat quarter were weird sized. Luckily, I printed out the block sizes and taped it to the box top. I do this because I know that I get side-tracked and when I get back to a work in progress, you tend to forget the block sizes.

This weekend my goal is to finish cutting out the blocks to this quilt and squaring up the blocks. maybe even sort out the similar block sizes into bags for random selection and mixing of the patterns in the blocks.

Have a great weekend!!


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