Friday, September 12, 2008

Awh... the weekend is upon us.

Yippee, it's FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY, it's the weekend (well almost) and time for some crafting. I have several goals this weekend.

Goal 1 - I want to finish the memory quilt top for my friend. Once I get the last corner finished, I'll place it on top of the backing and make my quilt sandwhich and then it's on to stitching in the ditch. Pretty easy.

Goal 2 - Pull out the halloween wall hanging and get started. If not, another holiday will be upon me and I didn't get the holiday wall hanging completed in time.

Goal 3 - Finish watching my new quilting DVD from Kim Brunner

Goal 4 - Create a Thank-you card for a quilting friend. Of course it will have to be quilting themed.

Whew... just a few goals, nothing too hard. I also have one non crafting goal. Clean my computer/sewing room. it's amazing how disorganized one can get in a week. Several packages just sitting on the floor, stash fabric disorganized because I was in a hurry to find something, etc.

This week I was looking for inspiration on organization and craft rooms and stumbled upon this webpage that had a ton of peoples craft room photos. I hope you enjoy the examples as much as I did.


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