Sunday, September 28, 2008

Binding, Bobbins and Free Motion

Binding Progress

I cut my binding strips in red and black and setup the ironing station in the livingroom using my double sided craft board. I created over 500" of binding.

After creating the binding, I was looking for somewhere to store it. I found this empty external hard drive stander upper thing on my floor. Perfect! The sides keep the binding in alignment.

Rediscovered Bobbin Winder

Right in the middle of the sewing the binding strips the bobbin thread ran out. I dreaded the thought of having to disconnect the thread to connect the bobbin winder on the top of the machine. Wait a minute, I have one of those sidewinders... where is it. Long story short, I gave it another try and I loved this! It was so fast and saved me the agony of trying to rethread my sewing machine needle which I swear I can't see anymore without a magnifying glass. Now it only works if you have two spools of the color you need. I was using black, so we know everyone has plenty of black.

Finishing the Halloween wall hanging and Free Motion Quilting.

In the evening I sandwiched my Halloween wall hanging. I was dreading the fact that I have to twist and turn the wall hanging at every angle to sew down the branches of the tree. Can't I just move freely left right up down? OK, I'll try it again, I'll put on the free motion foot. Last time I tried this foot on the machine I had a disaster of a birds nest. Now, where do I drop the feed dogs? OK, got it. Tested out some sewing and OMG, it didn't turn out as the same birds nest as I remember before. Hey, this is easy!! I'm hooked.

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P.s. SAD NOTE: If anyone is following our butterfly raising entries. Our last butterfly started emerging yesterday. It got caught up in the cocoon on it's way out and after hours emerged with crumpled wings and just did not make it. This was very sad after the long journey, but, we knew going in, there could also be some sad things to witness in addition to the beauty.

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