Saturday, September 6, 2008

Electric Quilt 6 - Trial Layouts of Hummingbird Blocks

If you are not familiar with Electric Quilt (Version 6 is the most recent) it is a great quilt program that lets you layout and design quilts. You can use it from scratch to design a quilt but I like to use it to scan in photos of blocks I've completed to help me figure out the best end result in finishing them. Although the warning is, you can spend just as much time on this software as you would sewing different options. Keep an eye on prices, it goes on sale from time to time at different sites.

But it allows me to change things such as number of blocks, borders, types of blocks, colors of fabrics, etc. I only have 12 7.5" blocks of the hummingbirds/flowers stars. It's not going to make a very big quilt. So, here are the options I came up with.

It's either going to be option 2 or option 4. I think when I add the pink I originally wanted, I think too much like pepto bismol. I'll think on it some more and maybe drive myself crazy with a few more options.

~*~Trish ~*~

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