Sunday, September 14, 2008

Huge Lightbox and the First Monarch

I've used this before when I was completing my stain glass quilt but never showed photos of it. If you have a glass patio door or sliding glass door, you have the largest and best light box for tracing applique patterns. Here's a photo of my natural light box and how much the pattern shows through the fusible web for tracing.

Then I started tracing with several things, tried chalk but kept rubbing it off when I crossed over lines. Too erasable. Tried pen which worked well but I kept having to stop and write normally to have the ink come back down. Too time consuming. Then I moved on to a pencil. Why didn't I use that first, duh. Just right. You can see by the following photos I try and reuse every bit of the fusible webbing I am using.

I used painters tape to adhere the pieces. This is still tacky enough to keep the paper and fusible web with paper sides up. However, you still need to be careful taking it off, it can rip the pattern.

Butterfly Update

Of course, I turned my back this morning and I have a visitor. The monarch has emerged. The other two cocoons are about to hatch as well. Once they start moving around I'll get a better photo. For now, I don't want to disturb them while it is drying it's wings. I hope I can catch one of them emerging from the cocoon.


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