Monday, September 29, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Quilt

As you create quilts, aren't they supposed to get larger as you finish them? Somehow, this quilt missed those process steps. After I finally created all my binding needed for both my Turning Twenty quilt (red binding) and my friends memory quilt (black binding). I set my mind to completely finishing my friend's memory quilt.

I took another look at the quilt and decided... hmm... I need to trim it a little bit to square it up before I begin with sewing on the binding. So, I started out with a 1.5" blue inner border and 3.25" outer black border. I completed my first trim and off came .25 inch all around. No problem.

Sat down while hubby watched the football games and sewed down the black binding. All went well. I joined the two ends of the binding with some difficulty but got it done. Whew. Now, I decided, I'm not hand sewing this binding down. It will "take to long". So I thought I'd just sew down the quilt from the front while I tightly wrapped the binding around to the back. I'm sure my stitching will catch it. NOT.. That was the most unsightly mess. I did peek from time to time but the areas I peeked at seemed OK. I tried to rip out the stitches where the backing came out over the binding. That went on for about 15 minutes and I just said... forget this...Sorry no pictures of that unsightly mess.

I stomped downstairs muttering under my breath all the way. Expanded my cutting table, placed the quilt on the top and you guessed it. I lopped off the half attempt at sewn down binding. There went another approximate .5 inches.

Now, back to creating another 250" of new binding... Sewed it down on the newly smaller size quilt and you'll never guess what I said. I'm not sewing this binding down by hand. It will "take to long". So this time, I got the big idea to sew it down from the back to the front. This way I was sure to "catch" the binding and sew it down correctly. 3.5+ hours later, this process is finally completed. The second round of binding sew down worked. Not beautiful, but, durable. The quilt now has a 1.5" blue inner border and a 1.5" black outer border.

This all happened Sunday night. Just when you think the hubbies aren't paying attention to your "quilting troubles" they'll surprise you. Here's what I came home to Monday night after work. When asked why, he said since you were having such a difficult time with that quilt and to celebrate it's done. Now only 4 more to go... Yep, I agreed to do 5 of them...

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