Monday, September 8, 2008

Multiple Quilt borders on in one round

There are a couple quilts that I work on during the week/weekend that I really don't post on the blog. Don't want to let my friends/family to see the quilts before they are given to them. This particular lap quilt, called for a double border since there was not a lot of fabric for the quilt itself.

Double borders for me are sometimes trying. Wrestling with the full quilt under the Janome 5700MC can be frustrating while all the time trying to sew the border on straight and not cause any tucks. Especially when the inner border is only 1" wide and the fabric used for the quilt portion is sometimes stretchy clothing pieces. So, this time, I was determined to strip piece the double border before I placed it on the quilt and then place it on the quilt as one piece. But, my mitred borders are not the best and I already said I would not place a square on the corner. So, how could I strip piece the double border and then attach it to the quilt without the corners not matching up.

Well, I sewed on all double borders as one strip on each side. At the ends I left the four tails loose for each border piece. I just went one tail at a time, top then side, top then side. I sewed down the top inner border first, trimmed. Sewed down the right inner border, trimmed. Sewed down the top outer border and trimmed and then lastly sewed down the right outer border and trimmed.

Here's the before with all the tails...

Now, I know it may seem like more work but I flew through attaching the double border strips. And, working with just the corner of a quilt is so much easier than the whole thing. Here's one completed corner. I still needed to iron this corner. Only 3 more corners to go :-)

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