Friday, September 5, 2008

Pretty in Pink and Presto Chango

Happy Friday!! Yeah. Just a quick post to share the color pink fabric staring back at me yesterday next to the hummingbird squares. I think it matches quite well. It's funny, if you have ever purchased fabric off of ebay. you know how sometimes they just don't seem the same as the photos. I got this pack of fat quarters and was disappointed with the muteness of the colors. I like the vibrant colors. But after my initial reaction, they began to grow on me. So far, I have already used 3 fat quarters out of 8 so I'm doing pretty good.

Also, I tried very hard to catch the monarchs turning from caterpillar to cocoon. But, presto chango, these little guys are fast. One minute you look, go out of the room and come back and they are done. When I woke up this morning, two had already cocooned yesterday evening and the third one was still hanging around. Got my cup of coffee, came to the computer to check emails, went back for my second cup of coffee and it had already cocooned. It's the brightest shade of green. It's pretty hard to get a photo through the container. After a couple of days maybe we'll get a better photo.

Enjoy your Friday!!


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