Saturday, September 13, 2008

Simply Quilts, Cards and Butterflys

I love watching reruns of the Simply Quilts show with Alex Anderson. I loved watching them even before I was a quilter. I happened to come across a tape (ok now dvd) and rewatched the episode about Origami Flowers. I thought this would make a great card front. So, you guessed it, I pull out a piece of recent batik received and created an origami flower block. Of course I had to put a little bling in the center with a bead.

Here are the steps I took for the card. I combined the steps into one photo and labeled them for quick reference. A - I created the origami flower block. B - I taped (using the very strong red line double sided tape) some free form cut leaves out of scrap. C - I added tape to all pieces. Printed out a Card that just said thanks you in open black lined letters. D - Colored in the "thank you" with the recent markers I purchased. They color so nicely!! Bow, I must say I was nervous about staying within the line when I was coloring :-)

Then I pealed off all the backing to the tape and very very carefully (once this tape takes hold, it's staying) placed the flower angled on the top left of the card. Here's what I ended up with the results. I'm happy with it. Not sure how it's going to mail ( I can squish down the flower petal) but happy with it.


We moved the cocoons to the netted cage in preparation for their arrival. The caterpillars and cocoons were in a Glad plastic container with air holes. All we did was place two Velcro circles on the lid and adhered it to the netting cage without disturbing the cocoons. It worked great. Here's a better photo of the cocoons. I think you can see the wings inside. And finally, we have one last caterpillar ready to change. It's in it's own container. Here it is I swear looking at it's reflection LOL.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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