Monday, September 1, 2008

Treetop finished and We've got butterflies!

Have you ever worked on a project and something just pushes you on until you finish the pattern? That was me yesterday. DH was working and I had some free time and I started working on the last 4 blocks of the Christmas Tree Wall hanging.

From there, I was driven to shape the blocks, sew the blocks into rows, assemble the rows and complete the Christmas Tree Wall Hanging. Now, backing and binding it is another thing. I have some time yet so I may postpone that step. I also want to embellish the top once assembled with it's backing. Maybe strings of beads and crystals. We'll see.

Yesterday, I was looking in our mesh container at the Chrysalis's and noticed one of the Chrysalis was a very light tan. I called over DH and showed him, he said the butterfly was gone.

Sure enough, he was down on the bottom. He was up and moving around drying his wings. One still needs to unwrap fully. This morning, I noticed two more hatched butterflies hanging from their chrysalis's. It's pretty early and hard to see but their wings look fully extended. These are called painted lady butterflies. I'll keep you posted. Note, the white the butterfly is on is tissue balls soaked in sugar water. That's what the pamphlet we have says to do. It addition they like flowers and fruit.

Finally, the monarch butterfly caterpillars are HUGE. We'll put 5-6 leaves in before we go to bed and in the morning, they are completely vanished. I have to keep reminding myself that these will be monarch butterflies and be large. This process has been such an interesting project.

Happy Labor Day!

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