Monday, September 15, 2008

Turning Twenty Quilt & Before and After

Well, the quilting on my turning twenty has been finshed. It looks fantastic and was completed by a fellow blogger. Her name is Rachel and she has the Rachel-sewbehind blog and the Sewbehind website. I asked her to do something quilters rarely do and that is use different colors for the top and bottom of the quilt. See for yourself. She does a fantastic job on the quilting. See for yourself how it turned out.

Weekend Goal Progress

Goal 1 - Nope, didn't finish my friends memory quilt. Ran into a snag in that when trying to sew cotton borders on stretch clothing squares I now have wavy borders. I tried twice and still ended up with wavy borders. Set it aside until I talk to my friend.
Goal 2 - Started the Halloween Wallhanging and have the full top almost completed. Just need to sew down the applique. Here's the photo work in progress with borders. Goal 3 - Half way done, I watched half of the Kim Brunner dvd and then got sidetracked from bulletin board conversations that another dvd was better for beginner long arm quilters so I ordered that one to start with first.
Goal 4 - Thank you card completed and ready for mailing.
Clean computer room - done on Friday and disorganized by Sunday :-)

Buttefly Before and After

Hard to believe here are the before and afters of our butterfly journey that started with an egg on August 22nd is now the most beautiful butterfly on September 14th.

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