Thursday, September 4, 2008

UFO blocks and release time.

Over the last couple of days, I've been getting home pretty late from work so not a lot of time to dedicate to major sewing. However, I was able to finish a few blocks of the hummingbird stars I started a long time ago.

Now that I have them done, I need to find a nice pink or baby blue to go around the outside of the blocks. As I'm writing this, I look up at my stash (which is ever growing) and staring right back at me is several pieces of pink that I must have picked up in the last year. I knew I kept those pieces for a reason!

On Sunday, most of our butterflies emerged from their cocoons. Here's a photo of two of the four the day we let them go. They would go to the spot in the netting that had the sunshine shining on it from the window and just flap their wings slowly. They were beautiful. As previously decided, on Monday we took them outside and let them free. It was awesome! They hung out on our hands for a while and then slowly lifted off. One by one they flew around the area and then took off.

The last painted lady butterfly emerged last night and we have plans to release it tonight. Our 3 monarch's are just taking their place to change into cocoon. Then we'll have 7-10 days before we have monarch butterflies.


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