Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Work and Quilt prep Shortcuts

This weekend was spent finishing up my friend's memory quilt. I at least got it to the point where I'm ready to add the binding and label so it was a big accomplishment for something I've been putting off. You see, most of the fabrics are knit and it was a struggle just keeping the squares aligned.

Preparing the Backing

I love my steamer! I steam everything I can. It's a Rowenta large standing steamer. I've even used it to help remove wallpaper. Now that's a multi use product. This time, as I was preparing the quilt backing, I noticed how wrinkled it was. I folded it up and introduced it to the steamer and I was done in maybe 3 minutes. Most of the steam reaches through the layers to hit all but I reached in touched up the layers with a swipe of steam. Took out enough wrinkles to work with the backing.

Pinning the backing without the aching back

I have tried several ways to pin the quilt sandwich without all the back strain/pain of crouching over the quilt on the floor. Since most of my quilts are smaller than a queen size quilt top, I started using the top of the bed. I make the quilt sandwich on the bed and then I place a small chair at the end. I pin a row, then roll the quilt/batting/backing sandwich and carefully, evenly pull the quilt closer to the edge for the next row. To help not pin the bedspread below, I drag my flat cutting board from left to right under the sandwich to catch the pinning. I pin left to right and roll, then right to left and roll. Before you know it, you are done and your quilt is in a nice tight roll to place under the basic sewing machine. It works great for me.

Where are my magnifying glasses

I decided to rip out the clear thread sewing I started on the Halloween quilt wall hanging below. OMG, it is hard to do. Finding all the thread is a pain. Won't do that again. But now, I'm back to square one and ready to sew down.

Found my coupon book

When I went to Joann's this past Saturday, I was looking for the Fall Fusion pattern book for $2.99 that had coupons on the back. Normally, I don't pay for coupons but 50% of is a good one for me when I buy large amounts of fabric for a backing in one piece. Needless to say, I found the magazine and bought 3. They're great since they last until 12/2/08 so I just stuck them in my purse and ready for impromptu visits to Joann's.
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