Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Fabrics, Mock Needle Turn & Shipping Protector

Mock Needle Turn

I packaged up my friend's quilt this morning for shipping after I finished the binding and added a custom label. For the label, I'm just not skilled enough (or have the patience enough :-) ) to needle turn an applique or quilt label. Therefore, I decided to add a seam allowance to the label and then I ironed a quarter inch fold back and then used fusible webbing to keep it adhered to the back. then I placed fusible webbing over the whole label and ironed on to the quilt.

Since the edges really don't adhere down no matter how hard you try, I complete the normal invisible stitch to secure the label down. Since the edges are already turned under, it goes pretty fast. Here's the fusible webbing for the last side to be turned back. I've blurred the personal part of my friends label.

Protecting the Quilt in transit - Shipping Bag

Everyone probably already knows this tip.. but.. When I ship a quilt to someone, I usually place it in a grocery or kitchen plastic bag (just for transit time) to protect in case the box gets wet. I remembered Zip-Lock had larger bags and I picked up the following Large bags yesterday at the grocery store. They worked perfectly!

Of course though, I forgot to take photos of the finished quilt and the bag before I sealed up the box. I hate when I do that :-) This size bag worked perfectly for my lap size quilt. It was only about $1 a bag which is well worth the protection in transit. The also have a box of XL bags that will work well with the larger size quilts.

Fall Fabrics Selected for Wall hanging

Yesterday I spent the evening going through my stash looking for fabrics I can use in the fall wall hanging I want to start. I never realized (as most of us stash builder don't) how many fall color fabrics I have. Although, pumpkin color eluded me. So, here's what I'm thinking for now for the wall hanging pattern in the photo as well. Before I start, they'll probably be a few color changes. I want my leaves to have some of the wine colors I love so much in the fall leaves I'm seeing now.

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