Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gift Bags Recycled into Christmas Cards

A friend of mine over-ordered Christmas gift bags from Oriental Trading. She was about to return the excess when I said, wait, I can use them. It would cost her more to return them then worth it. So, I inherited a bulk of Christmas Angel gift bags. I love making Christmas cards but I always look for the fastest way to get them done. It usually involves printing them out on the computer and adding embellishments. Here's what this year's card started out as.

I ended up ripping up the bag by hand because I like the torn paper look. The angel on the front came off quickly in one piece as anticipated. Then I figured I wanted to use the whole bag so I decided to add the red paper of the bag to the front, back and inside of the card. I'll only be showing the front for now. From here, I printed out the shell for our cards this year. I've blanked out our last name :-)

The easiest and fastest way for me to stick the card together was to use a stapler with the decorative staples. I have a long reach stapler from Memories Direct that worked just perfectly. Two staples and the front of the card is now ready.

Here's the finished card front. I added arrows to show you where the staples are. I should be able to finish these in an hour or two watching TV.

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