Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lancaster County Visit, Amish Quilt & Shop till you drop

Yesterday, we took a day trip to Lancaster County, PA. On the agenda, I wanted to go to the Rockvale Outlets (but only one store) QVC Outlet, Kitchen Kettle Village , Shady Maple Smorgasborg (for the hubby of course) and finally the Flower and Craft Warehouse. It is only about 45 miles from our home and it was a beautiful drive. Here are some overall Lancaster photos, not many.

QVC Outlet

This is one of my favorite outlet stores. Sometimes, I'll go to Lancaster just to go to this store. It is located in the Rockvale Outlets complex. Did you ever wonder what happens to the stuff you return to QVC. It appears in the Outlet stores. This place has so much jammed into the store that it's like a treasure hunt around every corner. I picked out a few things because I saw 30% off prices signs. Went to the register and of course only one thing was on sale. The 30% signs were from a sale that ended the day before. I said No thank you, the only thing I want are the candles that are 30% off. Sorry, I only buy things on sale :-) The sales lady was none too happy. O-well.

Kitchen Kettle Village

What a great little place to visit! It has several small shops in the village and usually a live band of some sort playing in the center. It was a perfect day weather wise. Outside the village are several quilt shops that are just amazing to visit. I purchased only 1 yard of fabric that I did not need. I purchased new orange/yellow fabric for my fall quilt wall hanging! Now I can call my wall hanging the "Amish Pumpkin" quilt. :-)

Shady Maple Smorgasbord

This buffet is huge. Hubby has been here before but I have not. Oh my goodness, that's a huge buffet. I'm not a big buffet person,. I can make once maybe twice to the line and I'm done. Hubby can go up 4-5 times plus dessert. Ugh. This place is just an experience. After your meal, they have the biggest gift shop located below the buffet. This is for all us women that leave our husbands at the buffet :-)

Amish Quilt Purchase

Here is where I got a close up of a star quilt I saw a couple times in the other quilt shops but was not able to get close to it. I was told this is called the folded star block. I absolutely love this block. I am determined to make it. I really liked this quilt and decided to invest in it to try and figure out how it is done. OK, so the quilt is only potholder size. :-)

Flower and Craft Warehouse

I had every intention of going to the Flower and Craft Warehouse to look at scrapbooking supplies. By the end of shopping in the HUGE gift shop under the smorgasbord, I was done shopping. We bypassed the warehouse to return home for a relaxing vacation nap.

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