Monday, October 27, 2008

You're So Vein, You're So Vein...

I know, it's spelled V*a*i*n. However, in this case, I couldn't get the Carly Simon song out of my head as I was adding veins to the Fall Leaves on my Amish Pumpkin Wall Hanging. The first leaf I started sewing freehand without any lines to follow and it shows. It is the stiffest, straightest set of veins I have ever seen. Plus, I had to go back and forth probably 4 times to have them show up. After that one, I decided to pencil in the veins to look more natural and then I traced them with sewing on the lines. After the first leaf and after I sketched out some veins, it went faster. On the last two leaves at the top, I wised up and did a tiny satin stitch on the veins of both leaves. This time, I didn't need to go back and forth to thicken the lines.

I also added a slight shadowing on each section edge of the pumpkin with brown fabric marker. I still need to sew down all the leaves and the pumpkin and I'm leaning towards the invisible thread again. Since this has so many light colors, it should work well. Here's all the leaves with veins added.

Don't mind the mess of threads, I always leave a mess and then pull them through to the back using an easy threading needle. You know the kind that has an open top and you just pull the thread on the top to thread the needle. This works fast to pull all the threads to the back and then I knot and clip them. This is not the best photo but you can kinda see the veins sewn in.

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