Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Tree Quilt - Ornaments

Christmas Tree Quilt - Ornaments, take 4...

First Try
I've used my originally purchased silver rope trim to try and secure the mini ornaments to the tree. However, I can't find a needle big enough to handle the cording that won't tear up the material of the quilt.

Second Try
I went out and purchased another type of Silver trim. This kind turned out to be stretchy ( I bought it in the beading section) and if you pull enough, it starts to unravel. Unraveling wont work but then again, I can't find a large eye needle to accommodate them. I did purchase a whole package of large eye needles.

Third Try
OK, third try. I figured, forget this. I got out some metallic thread. Outcome: Way to thin for the process and with just a little nudge, the ornaments broke the thread. Ugh....

Back to the drawing board. Or in my case, you start two unrelated other craft projects.

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  1. Mmmmm, forget the little decorations, arrange the silver stuff and call it quits! Maybe use your silver thread and make little embroidered stars as decorations!
    Lurking Linda