Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Revisiting Crocheting - Squares, Scarfs and Snowflakes!

This past weekend, I decided to revisit crocheting. Several years ago, I made myself a basic single stitch scarf and then moved on to other things. Now, I found that there are so many resources and videos on the web that I just had to revisit it and try it out again. I still remember how to make a granny square from when my grandmother taught me a long long time ago.

I have been busy over the last couple of days with crocheting. I thought I share some photos of the items I'm working on in the evening when I get an hour or two to watch TV with hubby. Also, after the projects, I'll share a fantastic crochet website I found that helped me create these items. I've been working on the granny squares, a scarf and some wonderful snowflakes!

Granny Squares

I figured that I would do a few and then whenever I am close to the end of yarn, I'd add one to the pile. Someday, I'll have enough variety to stitch them together into a quilt.

Shell Design Scarf

At first this was difficult to get started. Once you find the rhythm and know the stitches, it's a great stitch. It's a slow process but I love the scalloped design.


I recently purchased this iridescent white yarn. I thought it was very pretty. Then I found this great snowflake design. After watching the video maybe 15 times, some spots even more, I now can whip out these stars in no time. Once I have a bunch, I'm going to harden them and possibly add them to gifts.

Great Crochet Website

The website where I found these great patterns is called Crochet Mania by Teresa. She has great YouTube videos in the project descriptions that go along with the instructions. Here are the links to the two projects I am working on above.

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