Sunday, November 2, 2008

Triple Border, Dog Boredom & Dog Portrait Block

Triple Border

I've been working on the borders of the Amish Pumpkin Quilt, I hope to be finished with the quilt today. This was my first checkerboard border. I didn't think it was that bad. Of course I decided to reduce my borders as usual. The alternating black and orange strips I joined to create the checkerboard grid were only 1.5 inches each. I think I joined 6 strips and then cut 1.5" slices off of the joined strips and then just kept connecting them from there. I wanted the wall hanging to be smaller so I could hang it on my front door so the borders are around 1 - 1.5 inches wide.

Dog Boredom

I have two female Yorkshire Terriers named Mindy and Mandy and they are sisters (although you would never know it looking at them). The are 6 years old now. For the first time, I think one of them got jealous of the time I spent sewing and when I left the room and got distracted, here's what I found when I got back into the room. Of course they had to dig to the center to get the tangle really good and I spent a good 10 minutes unraveling what was messed up.

Dog Portrait Block

I wanted to make one of my sisters a wall hanging to remind her of her dog Pirate she lost last year. He was such a special dog that stayed by her sides at all times and kept her company. So, here's my first experiment. I think I may replace the nose / mouth / eyes area again and see if I can't match them closer.

10:50AM Update, I redid the eyes / nose / mouth and it's below beside the original. Oh and I fixed his lop-sided left chin :-)

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