Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fat Quarter & Scraps for Christmas Wrapping

OK, I finally have the new computer setup up completed and running, finally have the printer hooked up and all but about 2 programs back on the PC. It's good to get back into a normal routine. If I could just get my upgraded version of email to become a routine, I'd be happy.

Most of my presents are on the smaller side for friends and family. Don't great things come in small packages. Because of this, I usually try to be creative in my wrappings and use fabric scraps, fat quarters, etc... If it's a quilting friend that the present is going to, I tend to use fat quarter wrapping as part of the present. If it's a family member, although I try to give them the packaging fabric, they always insist I take it back. I like to think that one less roll of wrapping paper in the land fill.

My bows can be anything. but usually then end up being wrapped in excess binding or border strips that I have previously cut. Here's an example of a current package wrapped and placed under our tree. I used a frosted metallic fat quarter I had and left over border fabric.

I also find that more times than not, regular scotch tape does not work on fabric wrappings. I tend to have to use smaller pieces of packaging tape. When I do this, I make sure I turn a tiny corner of the piece down on itself so that there's a place to grab and rip off the tape. That's part of the fun having them try and find the fasteners.

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