Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Starting Fresh after a PC crash

You know, there are some times when you just have to cut your losses on a problem with a smaller hard drive and say it's not worth the hassle. So, I'm now on a new setup, with newly installed software and a constantly running virus scanner. My problem was both a combination of annoying / frustrating trojan virus and some hardware issues of a computer over 3 years old.

Since I've been working on software installations and restorations for about a week now, haven't completed much crafting time. I'll be back starting this weekend probably and I'll be back to publishing my crafts.

One valuable recommendation - Besides doing backups of software, files and email, keep a journal of all of your software titles, the versions, and their keys handy. Especially if you have upgraded the software. For some software, I had to install previous versions first prior to being able to upgrade to the version I was using.

One a side note, I did manage to get a good deal on the new Photoshop Elements 7 software package after rebate and it has been installed on my new setup. It seems to be a great version from first glance. I look forward to learning new things.

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