Monday, January 26, 2009

Angels, Hiding Dogs and Butterfly Slices

Cutting Angels

I've been spending the last two evenings just cutting and cutting and cutting the Angel pieces. Each Angel has 10 pieces so it's been time consuming cutting out. I have not even begun to fuse them down. I have until Feb 10 to have them turned in for the Block Swap. Today, I hope to have them all assembled and fused so that I can begin sewing them down. Maybe one an evening.

Mandy Candy

I was down in our storage room looking for something and emptied a box of summer things which included this beach towel. It took a while to find what I was looking for and when I turned around, I found little Miss Mandy Candy making herself comfy in the beach towel. She loves to be covered up in a blanket and she won't stop fixing until she is. Luckily, she stayed there while I went and got the camera.

Butterfly Slices

I got to play with my new design cards this past weekend for the slice. I'm even more smitten with it than when I first received it. I love the sizable fonts and designs. Of course you wouldn't want to cut out a full sentence of letters since it would take too long. However, for a quick diecut, this is great! Here you can see I can choose the size from 1-4" in 1/2 increments. It "slices" the design into the card stock. When the excess paper is removed, you have your design.

They were supposed to introduce 12 new design cards yesterday. I hunted for them but then found out they would be released on different months throughout the year. If you haven't seen them yet, here's a link to the upcoming 12 new design cards!

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