Sunday, January 18, 2009

Embroidery, Football Funny, Applique Hint


A current quilt I am working on requested that the center of the quilt have an embroidered block which showed their name. At the time I was unable to complete this large embroidery with my current machine. That led me to my friend Rachel @ the SewBehind blog and she said she could complete it for me since she had an embroidery machine (Janome MB-4).

Afterwards, I learned that Rachel was a Janome dealer. The more I learned about the machine the more interested I was in it. I decided to take the plunge and invest in an MB-4 machine. I'm sure you'll see more on my site about it. If you are in the market for a Janome machine (sewing or embroidery) drop Rachel a line. She'll be more than happy to answer any questions.

So, here is my new addition to the sewing equipment:
Football Funny

Yesterday evening DH and I were watching TV, flipping through the channels as usual (amazing with over 100+ channels and can't find something to watch) and he came across a Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens game. He said, OMG, the game is on tonight. He said, I thought it was tomorrow (Sunday). Long story short, for 5 minutes I believed him and watched the game from a previous meeting of the teams. Then he fessed up. Shows how much I pay attention to details.

Applique Hint

Yesterday I was working on dog paws and bones for applique. Usually, I just print out my designs and then trace the design. I dislike using straight pins because I always jab myself.

As previously mentioned, I love to use Steam-a-seam and steam-a-seam2 fusible webbing. This has paper on both sides of the fusible webbing. Finally it hit me, why not lightly glue the paper applique printouts to one side of the steam-a-seam fusible web paper. I never reuse the paper templates.

I used my scrapbooking fast drying glue stick and adhered the printouts to one side and was in business in no time! Worked like a charm and no pin sticks!

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