Sunday, January 11, 2009

Milestones, Mindy and Memories


Wow, it's hard to believe but, I have surpassed my 100th posting! Glad to see I can keep up with something! I tend to always say I have the worst attention span. I'm sure you have noticed that. I jump from thing to thing. But, I do usually finish an item before I move on. Usually....

One of my Yorkshires has been pretty sick the last two weeks. Mindy (sick) on the left and Mandy on the right. First week, mysterious nose running and issues. Gave her antibiotics. Didn't work. They wanted her to have a second week of antibiotics.

This second week, I really thought we were going to loose her. She was sooo lethargic and didn't want to eat/drink. Hundreds of dollars later for visits, xrays, bloodwork, etc.. the vet doesn't seem to know what caused it. My theory is, that second week of antibiotics were not right. Something was different. When I stopped giving it to her yesterday I'm starting to see her personality come back and she finally ate something. Amen

Her sister, stayed by her side at all times. They are from the same litter. When we would take Mindy to the Vets, Mandy would howl by the door until she came back.


I've been doing pretty well with my Project 365. I decided to take a stab at creating a 2 page spread template myself and here's the example. Some of the photos aren't in this capture but you get the picture.

The scrapbook elements are from the French Market Super Pack at and the sepia photo overlay is from it's called Worn Photo Overlays

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