Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Goals & Project 365

Again, Happy New Year. This year, my goals are to declutter and organize and of course, craft.


Here's my goal. I am either going to throw away or give away (if can be used by someone else) 5 things a day. It can be as simple as throwing away (recycling of course) that free plastic container instead of keeping it. Or, finally parting with those craft items I keep holding on to but not using. Just 5 things (no matter how small) each day.

Project 365

This was something I came across in my Creating Keepsakes magazine and found very interesting. What a great craft Project. They had an elaborate scrapbooking kit (sold out) for it but my goal is to just complete it electronically for now. Maybe weekly or monthly, I'll gather the photos and make a page.

The concept is to basically keep a small journal and at least one photo per day for 365 days. You can even try recipe cards like their kit example. I have enough scrapbooking stuff to complete my own kit. I don't plan on making a scrapbooking page everyday (maybe once a week) if that. I have been keeping a few bullet items each day and a photo. However, I think my goal is to get a photo to focus on each day with one line comments. This way I can look back and see what's been going on. Here's an example:

010109 - Posted TJ to YouTube

010209 - Pursuing Project 365

010309 - Mindy's sick - $144 Vet bill for blood work - Mandy stays by her side

and so on.... P.s. Mindy and Mandy above are 2 other parts of our zoo :-)!

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