Thursday, February 26, 2009

Digitizing Photographs - Close or Way Off?

I've had this goal to learn how to digitize a photographic image to embroidery. I just wanted to capture silhouettes and not the full color of the photo. I did one of mine which didn't turn out too bad and then I did one of my father when he was in 8th grade. I was fascinated with the results but when I asked the hubby's opinion, he immediately asked questions about the details of the nose and eyes.

My question is this... When you see an embroidery silhouette of a person, do you see the overall likeness or do you see the details of what how the nose or eyes were captured in the digitizing? I agree the left eye and nose look a little weird but when I look overall at the silhouette, it looks like a good likeness to me. Digitizing when there is shading around the nose / eyes has been difficult. But, I'm happy with my first try!

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