Saturday, March 7, 2009

Duh, what a mistake

Where have you been???

Well, in this area, everyone is getting sick with a cold/flu. Hubby had it last week and I needed to take care of him and he in turn gave it to me for my birthday. When I just started feeling human again at the beginning of this week, I started to get back on the computer. Then I made what I thought was a costly mistake...

My expensive mistake

If you are not familiar with embroidery and digitizing software, the digitizing software can be very expensive in my book. Too expensive if you ask me! But, to digitize designs, it's either you invest in the software yourself, or you pay to have someone else create designs for you one at a time. I chose to invest in Creative Drawings... I've been trying to learn the software last week when I can, however after coming off being sick, you tend to be still in a fog.

This digitizing software will not start up or run without a USB security key in the usb slot. It's a very tiny thing. I placed mine on a ribbon and hung it by my computer for safekeeping. Long story short - I placed my cup of coffee inadvertently under it. One morning very early, I lifted my cup of coffee to take a sip and sure enough, I lifted it right into the usb key.... I knew it was ruined.

After it dried out, it confirmed my suspicions and was ruined. I knew water and electronics don't mix. After returning to the individual I purchased it from and chasing down leads on the internet, thankfully, I found how to get the key replaced. It will cost me $50 plus FedEx fees to get a new one. I know they produce these keys to prevent copying of software but I wish I could have two keys.....

So, here I sit unable to use the software until I return the ruined key and receive the new key. Lesson learned. Take coffee cup out of computer room! I'm glad to be back after being sick and ready for crafting again!!

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