Sunday, April 26, 2009

Embellishing Cards and Falling Cash

I love making cards but I love buying premade cards too. They are fast and have the process started for you already. Sometimes, I like to embellish a premade card to show exactly what I want. You may have a card where you love the front but don't like the verse inside, that's ok cover it up.

Here's an example for a Baby Shower. I loved the front of this card but the verse inside was more for the arrival of the baby and not a baby shower. No problem.
  1. Cut a piece of cardstock to meet the size of the card.
  2. Open MS Word or some other text editing program. Resize the editing page to the size you cut. Mine was 5" by 5". An alternative to precutting your insert is to print centered on a full page and then cut to size.
  3. Type out the new verse you want to see. I love to personalize this part.
  4. Print and adhere to the inside with good doublesided tape on the back of the cardstock
  5. Try it out first. If you can see through to the verse, cut a piece of fabric the size of the card first and secure that first. Then cut your inside cardstock just a little bit smaller.
  6. Overlay the previous verse.
Falling Cash

When I add a monetary gift, I don't like when the recipient opens the card and the money falls out. Here's a simple solution to that:
  1. Place a ribbon bar to hold the money on the left side. Usually I'll fold the edges to be neater but forgot to on this demo.
  2. Again, use my favorite double stick tape and secure one side
  3. Fold the money to be a little bit more bulky
  4. Secure the other side of the ribbon tightly with the other tab of double sided tape.
  5. Now when the recipient opens the card, falling cash won't greet them.
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