Saturday, May 16, 2009

Paper Piecing, Paris, and Richard Petty

Paper Piecing

It's so great when all things come together and you finally figure out how to complete something you have been wanting to do. For me, that's paper piecing recently. The stars I see that are paper pieced are always so crisp and sharp. So, I finally started dabbling in paper piecing. I figured I would start out small and work on a pillow size layout.

I used regular printer paper and smaller stitches. The paper came off the back relatively easy. I was very surprised. I also added fabric photos to finish the memory pillow. I love the angles you can get on paper piecing. The way the blocks produce a circular design.


Also, we just got back from vacation in Las Vegas. We are not very big gamblers but love the variety of shows and things to do in the city. The prices I found when I was researching our trip were fantastic. We normally stay off the strip or at Harrah's. For a similar price this time, we were able to stay at the Bellagio. I think it is a little too fancy for my taste. The best part of the room was our view.

Every night we fell asleep to the best night light of all. The Eiffel tower from the Paris hotel. It was such a beautiful view. I hated to leave that view but it is sooo great to be back home.
Richard Petty

One new thing we did in Vegas this year was to ride along with a driver around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at 165 mph. What a trip! Richard Petty has these driving experiences in many states. Email me if you want to know more.

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