Saturday, May 30, 2009

Right Tools, Recycling and Return to Crafting

Using the Right Tools

It is amazing how much easier sewing/quilting can be when you find that perfect tool to do the job. I had been getting frustrated with working on machine applique embroidery. I just couldn't get close enough to trim the fabric.

I was looking for a pair of curved scissors and finally found the pair that I like and have finally worked for me!! And, they were 30% off to boot. The sale is still on as of this writing. I purchased mine from It makes it so easy to reach in close to the stitching and get the fabric lifted away and cut. Here's a photo of their profile and here is what I was able to do. So much cleaner applique.


I received a request to create a wall hanging from 4 shirts. When I received the shirts, it turned out that they were all made of a stretchy cotton. Each one needed backed extensively to cut down on the stretch and waves usually produced when trying to quilt with cotton knits.

The request was to use all the fabrics and make something with stars. We'll here's my interpretation of that request. It's just pinned to the backing so there is quilting yet to do! Each fabric holds special meaning to the person requesting the quilt! One was even a nightgown.

Return to Crafting

Well I think my routine has finally returned to crafting and sewing. Sometimes, life curves sidetrack you and your routine changes. I think things may be returning to normal so hopefully I'll be able to post more often now.

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