Sunday, June 21, 2009

Coupon Shopping & Border, Binding, & Backing Fabric

I live pretty close to both Joann's and Michael's, two of my favorite craft shops. I'm always collecting coupons from there. I just wanted to share what I found yesterday and was able to purchase with one of their 50% off one item coupons. The hard part for me for using the coupons is of course getting out of the store with only one item :-)

Michael's - New Quilting Ruler

June Tailor Perfect Half-Square and Quarter-Square Triangles ruler. I saw this youtube posting on another blog recently and was interested in getting one but didn't want to pay the $19.99 average seen online. Of course it would have been better if I had found it BEFORE I started the Lime Quilt.

I was surprised to find this ruler at Michael's and it was only priced at $14.99. Then, I used my 50% non sale item coupon. So, I'm happy with my first bargain.

Joann's - Mid-size Omnigrid

My second stop was at Joann's where I finally found and purchased the Omnigrid mid size iron/cutting board combo. I have the larger size, and the small square size but was never able to locate the 8 3/4 by 11 3/4" size. Finally found it at Joann's and not on sale. So, the $25.99 price went down to $13 for me. Love it for traveling. This will come in handy this coming weekend when I may complete some pressing. Here's a link to what it looks like. It has the cutting board on one side and the pressing on the other.

Border, Binding, Backing fabric for the Breast Cancer Warrior Quilts

I also found the border, binding, and backing fabric I'm going to use for the Breast Cancer Warrior Pink quilts. Do you have any idea how many shades of pink there are? The shades don't photograph very well either.

For today, I'm going to spend time assembling the Lime Green Quilt. Hopefully, I'll finish assembling the Quilt top today.

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