Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lime Green Layout

Here is what I came up with on the limegreen/polkadot fabric. Nothing out of the ordinary but I'm anxious to see if the quilt top comes out as planned. Here's the basic block. I decided to add plain black fabric and white on white fabric as well to the quilt.

Once you place all the blocks together, here the anticipated quilt layout. I'm thinking I may try and add some embroidery to the plain black blocks scattered throughout. I'll have to think on that idea since the basic black blocks that result are actually pieced.

When I looked at the fabric requirements for the quilt layout, I compared to the stash I had originally found and I did not have enough green or black and white dot. I pouted for a couple hours until peeking out of the stash I saw lime green. Wouldn't you know it I had purchased the same fabric twice. What can I say, when you like something, you repeat buy! Believe it or not, I had more dot fabric as well. So, I'm ready to go.

Next up, washing the fabric and ironing... that will take a while since I hate ironing :-)

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