Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lime Green Scene

Good Morning,

Sunday I spent all day pressing and pressing the rows to the lime green quilt blocks which I just say on the EQ6 pattern was called the "Road to Oklahoma" block. I pressed the individual rows and assembled them into blocks and pressed some more. I sewed the blocks into quilt rows and pressed some more. I think you get the picture. However, when I was done pressing and trimming the blocks, I looked at my favorite pressing tool (Mary Ellen's Best Press) and saw that my newly received Cherry scented bottle was 3/4 gone. I think I need to buy the gallon refills!!

Finally, after all the pressing, I had my quilt top center. It large to me. I guestimate it's 60 x 72 without borders so far. It's even too large to hang in my entry way for photos. So here is the end product. I still have to iron the quilt assembly now so I may just use the rest of the best press.
So now I'm trying to determine what I want to put in the blank squares. Do I want to applique or embroider? I played around last night with my graphics program and put some fake applique butterflies on the quilt. Here's some idea of what it would look like:

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