Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy Days make for great Quilting Progress!

Rain, rain, rain... That's OK, all the more time to quilt in the evenings since we are not out enjoying the sunshine. I was able to take all the lime quilt blocks and assembled them into rows for the blocks since this past Tuesday. After that, I ironed all of them and then put the rows together to finish all of the blocks. That's a lot of blocks (26). So, now I'm thinking I'll have the quilt top assembled by the end of this weekend. Next weekend I'll be away so no sewing then.

When I was done with putting the block rows together, I was surprised to find that I have soooo many blocks left over. What was I thinking, was I that off on my calculations or did I just cut extra strips and kept cutting the squares :-) I always try to cut a few more to take the place of the rejects but this was ridiculous...

So, on to "Plan B" for my over abundance of blocks. I'm going to take them with me next weekend to iron so that I can get them ready to try and make a folded star square pillow case. Here's a rendering of what I imagine it will look like. I don't know how close I will be but it will allow me to still craft while I'm away. You watch, I'll end up not having enough blocks and will need to cut some more :-)

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